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Proud Home of the Mustangs

Mogollon Junior High

At Mogollon Jr. High School, we believe that good communication among parents, students, and teachers helps to ensure a successful educational experience. We emphasize a learning environment where character counts. The values in our teaching philosophy are just as important as instilling a love of learning within each student.

Character Counts


A person of character meets the demands of duty, is accountable, pursues excellence, and exercises self-control.


Know and do your duty. Acknowledge and meet your legal and moral obligations.


Accept responsibility for the consequences of your choices; not only for what you do but for what you don’t do. Think about the consequences to yourself and others before you act. Set a good example. Think long-term. Make things better.

Pursue Excellence

Do your best. Be prepared. Persevere. Work hard. Be diligent. Make all you do worthy of pride.


Take care of your own life. Be prudent and self-disciplined. Set realistic goals. Be rational—act out of reason, not anger. Keep a positive outlook. Be self-reliant.