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Frequently Asked Questions


Have a specific question that you don’t see the answer to elsewhere on our website? We’ve compiled some of the questions most often asked of our school and district staff and put the answers all in one place. If you still have questions, we invite you to contact us.

Does the Heber-Overgaard District have a dress code?

The governing board recognizes that a student’s good dress and grooming contributes to the accomplishment of curriculum goals and the district’s educational program as formulated by the district and mandated by state statute. The governing board also recognizes that student dress and grooming practices can affect the health, safety, and general welfare of all students. In general:

  1. We do not allow students to wear any clothing in a manner that is disruptive to the educational process.
  2. We ask that all shorts, skirts, or dresses be at least fingertip length.
  3. Students may not wear sagging pants/shorts or low-hugging pants.
  4. Hem your clothing properly.
  5. We do not permit bare midriffs, halter tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, or spandex as outerwear, and if you wear sleeveless shirts, straps must be at least the width of a dollar bill.
  6. Students may not wear shirts and coats in a manner that conceals clothing that is contrary to the school rules.
  7. Belts must fit the waistline and be secure in the belt loops.
  8. Shoes and sandals should provide protection to the foot and enable students to move quickly without the fear of losing a shoe in the process.
  9. We do not permit chains, including wallet chains.
  10. Students may wear hats outside during P.E. and Agriculture, and only with the permission of the teacher in these exceptions.
  11. We do not permit students to wear sunglasses in any fashion (including on the top of the head) in buildings.

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Can students leave campus during the school day?

Once a student arrives at school, he or she may not leave the campus at will. We expect students to remain on campus as long as school is in session. We understand there may be exceptions to this, such as:

  • Medical or dental appointments
  • Students who become ill while at school
  • School-sponsored or chaperoned activities

In these instances, parents must sign students out through the front office or the nurse or provide a signed permission slip for participation in off-campus activities.

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What should I do in the case of severe weather conditions?

When severe weather creates hazardous conditions, we may choose to delay the normal school schedule by two hours, or we may suspend school for the day to ensure our students’ safety. Students and parents should monitor news reports via local radio stations between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m. If it ever becomes necessary to dismiss school during normal school hours, we will attempt to notify all parents.

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May I visit my child’s classroom?

We welcome parents into our school. We just ask that you report to the office and sign in before going to your child’s classroom. For the protection of all students on our campuses, the teacher will not allow you to visit the classroom without office approval.

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In what ways will you communicate my child’s progress throughout the school year?

We believe that communication among the student, parent/guardian, teacher, and administration is necessary for your child to be successful. We facilitate this communication in a variety of ways:

  • Tyler SIS Parent Portal
  • We have two parent/teacher conference during the school year. You are welcome to schedule additional conferences with your child’s teacher, should the need arise.
  • We will invite you to Back-to-School Night within the first few weeks of school. There you will learn specific information regarding classroom expectations and curriculum.
  • Throughout the school year, teachers and administrators distribute notices and letters for students to take home. Please check your child’s backpack daily, and encourage him or her to bring home every form of communication so that you will stay informed.
  • You are welcome to meet with the principal of your child’s school. Please schedule appointments with the front office secretary.
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Can my child ride a skateboard or rollerblades to school?

Yes. Students may ride skateboards and rollerblades to school as long as they care for and use them responsibly. Students must check their skateboards and rollerblades in at the office or into a designated locker issued by the office. Students may use skateboards and rollerblades only in the designated area and only before and after the official school day. School personnel will confiscate the items if any student uses them inappropriately.

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